Machine Learning with Python

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Machine Learning with Python
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January 28, 2024


Master the basics of PyTorch for machine learning applications, Master the basics of PyTorch for machine learning...

Machine Learning with Python
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Machine Learning with Python

12 weeks
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  1. PyTorch Fundamentals:  

   – Master the basics of PyTorch for machine learning applications.

   – Gain hands-on experience with tensors, neural networks, and model training.

  1. Practical Machine Learning:  

   – Explore real-world applications of machine learning using PyTorch.

   – Develop skills to implement and deploy machine learning models effectively.

  1. Deep Learning Insights:  

   – Delve into advanced topics such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs).

   – Understand how PyTorch supports complex deep learning architectures.

  1.   Project-Based Learning:  

   – Apply PyTorch concepts to real projects.

   – Gain practical experience in solving problems with machine learning.

  Course Outcomes:  

–   PyTorch Proficiency:  

  – Acquire proficiency in using PyTorch for machine learning.

  – Implement and deploy machine learning models confidently.

–   Applied Deep Learning:  

  – Gain insights into advanced deep learning concepts.

  – Understand how to leverage PyTorch for complex neural network architectures.

–   Project Success:  

  – Apply PyTorch skills to real-world projects.

  – Develop practical problem-solving skills in machine learning.


  Embark on a journey into the world of machine learning with PyTorch, honing your skills for real-world applications!

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Machine Learning with Python
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