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At the core of Trainings for Tomorrow (TFT) lies a fusion of visionary leadership and dynamic education. Over two decades of honing educational expertise, I've shaped TFT into a tech education powerhouse. As the architect behind Tech Overflow, I seamlessly merge teaching with entrepreneurial acumen, propelling TFT to an industry-leading position.

My commitment extends beyond the acquisition of knowledge; it's a dedication to globally empower individuals, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and tangible real-world success. Through our mentorship philosophy, witnessed in the thriving journeys of TFT alumni, we cultivate mentors who flourish. Dive into this extraordinary journey where knowledge evolves into practical skills, each step guided by an indomitable spirit—a true pioneer in the vast world of technology.

Dr Nabeel Sabir

Providing direction and education towards highest paying careers

Discover a road-map to the highest paying careers in the tech industry with Trainings for Tomorrow (TFT). Our streamlined programs provide a direct route to success, equipping you with the skills employers value most.

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Elevating Careers, Empowering Lives

At Trainings for Tomorrow (TFT), our vision transcends conventional education. We aspire to be the catalyst for transforming lives and careers, envisioning a future where individuals are not just educated but truly empowered.

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Dr Nabeel Sabir

CEO & Founder
TFT Trainings & TechOverflow

Awais Kamran

Senior Software Engineer @ Conrad Labs

Sheraz Ahmed

Head of Cloud Services
Arthur Technologies


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